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Data collection for the ACQTool can be conducted using two different methods. Electronic data collection can be performed using KoBoToolbox, while paper-based data collection can be conducted using our downloadable surveys and Stata statistical software indicator code. Please note that the surveys are available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

ACQTool on KoBoToolbox

Choose this option if:

You want to do electronic data collection (online or offline)

You don’t have an existing data collection platform

You want to calculate and visualize results quickly and automatically

How this option works:

Step 1: Download our ACQTool XLSForm and Excel dashboard

Step 2: Edit the XLSForm document to account for the number of sites you wish to evaluate and upload it into your KoBoToolbox account

Step 3: Collect data online or offline

Step 4: Download your data from your KoBoToolbox account and connect it to the ACQ Excel dashboard.

ACQTool data collection on other platforms

Choose this option if:

You want to collect data using paper forms

You want to incorporate the ACQTool into an existing survey

You have a preferred data collection platform

How this option works:

Step 1: Download the appropriate surveys for your types of sites and the Stata indicator scoring files.

Step 2: Insert questions into your data collection platform (paper or online)

Step 3: Collect data

Step 4: Calculate indicator scores, merge datasets, and visualize results using the pre-prepared Stata syntax files

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